Booking Terms & Conditions.

Policy updated 1st August 2023

We genuinely want your walking holiday with us to be memorable and hope that we can offer you the flexibility to meet all your expectations, so we have what we believe are reasonable terms and conditions.

Reserving a Walking Holiday

To reserve your chosen walking holiday, you should submit an individual booking form (group bookings below), and once received, the holiday will be reserved for seven days. Within these seven days, you will need to pay a 10% deposit, or the total amount, if the booking is less than six weeks from your arrival date.

Only upon receipt of the payment will the booking be secured.

Group Booking

If you want to book a group, please use a ‘Group Booking Form’. A Main Contact is to be provided in the booking form. The Main Contact will have the authority to act on behalf of all group members.

Each group member must complete and submit an individual booking form.

Full Payment

Full payment is six weeks before your arrival date, where failure to make this payment may mean our cancellation terms are invoked.


The payment is in Euros to our Spanish bank account. We will provide these details on your invoice.

Cancellation of the booking by the client

If you must cancel your walking holiday, please notify us as soon as possible. We will endeavour to resell the booking enabling us to offer you a full refund.

If we are unable to resell your booking, then the following cancellation costs will apply:

  • More than twelve weeks from arrival. Full refund.
  • From six to twelve weeks before arrival. 10% cancellation fee (deposit).
  • From three to six weeks before arrival. 50% cancellation fee (of the total cost).
  • Less than three weeks before arrival. 75% cancellation fee (of the total cost).

If you wish to alter the dates of your booking, then contact us straight away.

Cancellation or alteration to your walking holiday by Andalucía on Foot.

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure we can offer the walking holiday you have booked, we reserve the right to cancel any walking holiday due to:

Circumstances outside of our control, including, but not limited to, war, civil unrest, strikes, accident, incapacitating illness, fire, flood, and travel disruption.

Where a walking holiday is cancelled, we will offer you a full refund of the monies paid or move your booking to alternative dates.

When you arrive for your walking holiday, conditions outside our control (i.e., weather, local fiestas, access restrictions) may require us to reschedule or change the walks advertised for your particular walking holiday. If this happens, we will offer a suitable alternative day of walking.

Participation Statement

Whilst your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are the overriding aims of all our walking holidays, walking in wild areas, hills, and mountains, contains an element of inherent risk. As part of your acceptance of the booking, we will ask you to read and sign our statement of risk and liability.

We will send a copy of this after we receive your booking form.

Your Responsibilities

When booking one of our walking holidays, please ensure that the chosen itinerary matches your current abilities and fitness. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before making any payment.


Please inform us of any pre-existing medical conditions you have that may be relevant during your stay.

Age Limits

There are no minimum or maximum ages for our walking holidays, as we would expect that all participants are physically and mentally fit for their chosen activity. A parent or guardian should accompany those under the age of 18.


It is a requirement that you have the necessary travel/health insurance and that it covers the type of activity you will be doing. You will need to confirm this with us.

Airport Transfer

We operate a free airport transfer service and arrange this around the flight times of the other walkers. If you wish to use this service, it may require you to be flexible when you arrive at the airport or when we return you for your departure. If our transfer times are unsuitable for you, we can arrange a taxi, but this will be at your own expense.

We will know our transfer times in advance, allowing you to decide which option is better.


Please inform us if you are concerned about any aspect of the walking holiday. We work hard to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible and are always receptive to a different approach.

We hope there is no reason to complain, but if anything genuinely grates you, please let us know immediately. We are approachable and will resolve any issues as fast as possible.