Walking With Friends

We take pride in our walking holidays and adventures, offering unique locations and personalised itineraries, perfect for independent travellers, friends, small groups, and walking clubs.

The Little Walking Holiday Company

We are unashamedly proud of being small. Our holidays are always in small groups, allowing us to move inconspicuously through the villages, towns, woodlands, forests, and mountains. It also builds wonderful camaraderie, especially if you're travelling alone.

We also want to give you an authentic experience wherever we walk. So we try to avoid the tourist areas, preferring to visit places not on a guidebook or sightseers' radar.

The Team

Our small team invigorates your holiday with inspiration, passion and fun. Experienced in leading groups, with a knowledge of the area and walking routes, and holding current guiding and first aid certificates, we aim to make your holiday safe and enjoyable.

Phil Mills

Owner and Guide

Simone Singer


Julia Hill


What Makes Us Different

It is the small things that make a difference.

With You All The Way

From your first contact to the day you arrive, we keep you informed and updated on your holiday.

From equipment tips for your walks to what tapas you might enjoy, we will get you excited about exploring Andalucia on foot.

More Than Just A Walk

Enjoy and explore fascinating Neolithic remnants, Roman ruins, Moorish castles and villages, and modern-day wonders.

And no walk is complete without stopping for a local tapas or sweet pastry, taken with a delicious café con leche.

Supporting Local Businesses

Whether it is a hotel, tapas bar, or restaurant, we endeavour to support the local economy.

Our choice of hotels, where we may stop during our walk, and even the suppliers to our business reflect this philosophy.

Safety And Wellbeing

Enjoy your walking, knowing that your safety and comfort are our priority.

We research all routes thoroughly, ensuring that the walks meet your aspirations, and with a willingness to adapt, we leave nothing to chance.

How It All Started

In 2014, we started our business in a small guesthouse located in the inland hamlet of El Romo, Malaga. We offered adventure holidays for those looking to explore Andalucia, both above and below the water. Over the years, the company grew steadily, with walking holidays becoming a more significant part of our activities.

Like many in the tourism industry, we faced the significant challenges brought on by the pandemic. Yet, as the travel sector recovered, we developed our vision for the future.

Our journey into providing walking holidays has been a deeply fulfilling one. The joy of meeting fascinating people and the privilege of spending time in the natural areas of Andalucia have shaped our future. In 2022, we proudly re-emerged as Andalucia on Foot, a company dedicated to walking holidays and adventures.

The locations where we choose to walk, the places where you stay, and our everyday interactions are all meant to reflect the personal touch of our holidays. When you leave us, we want you to feel like you've been walking with friends rather than being guided as part of a group.