Sierra de Almijara - Axar Trail

Our adventure walking holidays bring together the excitement and challenge of exploring different locations in Andalucía.

The motivation behind these holidays is to add a different style, or perspective, to walking in Andalucía. We could spend more time exploring a particular area, with longer days on the trail. Or we could have an objective for the walks, like summiting the most exciting mountains. Indeed, we could take you on a multi-day walk, carrying everything we need on our back, as we move from village to village.

We even have some 4X4 walking safaris planned for the Despeñaperros Natural Park.

Everything is possible.

Whatever the adventure, our holidays are still about making walking accessible to everyone. We have stayed away from the 'Ultra Trail' format, instead offering adventures that stretch you just a little further so that you feel challenged but, above all else, inspired.

All of our Adventure Holidays are on set dates. However, if you are a group with a minimum of four, we can offer any adventure holiday on different dates.

2024 is the first year that we offer these holidays, with the plan to add more, so if you would like to keep up to date on these and all of the other holidays, please sign up for our newsletter.

A world of adventure awaits you in Andalucía

Adventure Walking Holidays

From €829.00
Maximum 6 Walkers 7 Nights - 5 Walking Days

This captivating walking holiday in the Axarquia region of Malaga takes us through the mountains to the sea, walking in the most delightful areas.

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